Monday, April 22, 2019

Tri-City Errandonnee

It almost felt like "cheating" - an April errandonnee with the weather perfect for riding. Having missed last year's event, downed by the flu, I was primed to make the most of this year's challenge. Looking back at my posts, I discovered that I am repeating the 3 cities in which I errandonneed in 2017, albeit in a different order.

April 12 (5 miles, 2 rides: arts & entertainment and social)

My opening ride found me in New York. Having spent the night in Brooklyn, I took the subway to 63rd and Lexington, where I rented a CitiBike. I could not imagine a more perfect way to start the challenge than riding to the Museum of the City of New York (103rd and 5th Avenue) for their History of Cycling in the City exhibit. Conflicts between cyclists and motorists go way back to the bike's early years, during which they were considered dangerous, and a scandalous form of transportation for women. No surprise - bicycles were embraced by the early feminists as a form of liberation.

I was intrigued by this side-by-side tandem

Bikes old and new were on display

There was a Citibike dock conveniently located right outside the museum, so I picked up another bike and rode through Central Park to the west side of Manhattan to lunch at one of my favorite iconic restaurants: Barney Greengrass. Although it is famous for its smoked fish which, being a vegetarian, I don't eat, I adore their borscht, and ordered a large glass. The cherry blossoms were just beginning in NY, which was nice since they were already past their prime in Washington.

View of New York from across the reservoir

April 13 (2 miles, 1 ride - Arts & Entertainment)

From my friend's apartment on the upper west side I stopped at another favorite food place: Zabar's, where I picked up some goodies to take on the train ride home. Then I took one last CitiBike and rode to Times Square where I had tickets to see Fiddler on the Roof in Yiddish. (Although I was familiar with the show, they did have subtitles in both English and Russian). It was a wonderful production and I then walked to Penn Station to travel back to DC.

Note the Zabar's bag on the CitiBike

I know you're not supposed to take photos, but this was the stage before the show began
April 16 (18 miles, 5 rides - Personal business, personal care, non-store errand, store, and wild card)

My morning ride was a classic "trip-chaining" ride during which 4 errands were performed for a total of 8 miles. My first stop was to deposit a check at the bank, then I rode to yoga class. From there I returned a book at the library and finally rode on to the Apple store, where I was picking up a computer left for some work. I would have made a circle and taken a different route back home but, alas, I had forgotten to take photos, so I retraced my original route.


Beautiful blossoms near the yoga studio

Selfie outside Arlington Central Library

Lots of construction outside the Clarendon Apple Store

That evening the Cycling Yogi and I rode into DC (10 miles) for an event on election integrity at the National Press Club. Wild card seemed like the only appropriate category for this ride.

Author Jon Simon addresses the audience
April 17 (4 miles - personal care)

I took the Cycling Yogi to the gym for a Pilates class.

The parking garage wasn't very attractive, but the tulips in from of my house were
April 18 (6 miles, 2 trips - "you carried what?" and store)

I decided I was allergic to the down pillows I've been sleeping on, so I attached my trusty bike trailer and headed to Target for new pillows. Then I headed to the grocery store, where I discovered I'd waited too long to pick up Passover matzos. Both Safeway and Harris-Teeter were completely out.

Two pillows with dust mite covers

Note the abundance of historic swag
 April 20 (6 miles - social)

I drove up to Philly to celebrate Passover with the Cycling Yogi. Fortunately the matzo supply was abundant and I got to bring some back home with me for the rest of the week. We spent the morning cooking and preparing for a Seder that evening. We then had the afternoon free to bike to the Wissahickon park where we hiked. So, about 3 miles biking and 3 miles hiking.

I love my Philly bike

It was peaceful in the park

April 22 (11 miles, 3 bonus trips: school, wild card, and personal business)

Although I'd completed my 12 official trips, the day was perfect for biking so I rode to the gym for an aerobics class, swinging by World Market and then the library on my way home.

The club at Skyline
I never enjoy having to lock up in a place like this.

So, a grand total of 52 miles and 15 trips. As someone who enjoys biking for transportation, the errandonnee is just a way to capture what I'm already doing - having fun and staying fit by riding a bike.